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Join us as we discuss ways to stay centered and balanced: Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually. Listen to top inspirational speakers on energy healing and navigating these changing times. Learn how to forge a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Join me in the living room with J.O.Y.

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What is the J.O.Y. Experience?

Unveil the essence of your individual spirit and bring forth what the soul has come here to learn, express and experience. Discover your inner truth and the joy in life. Learn to celebrate you and the world around you.

I wrote the book The Call Of The Day to share with you these truths and how I got there through much turmoil in my life. It was also written to share with you how imperative it is right now to find your truth, be it and live it. To be very clear on how you want to see your world and your planet. It is up to us individually and collectively to shape our future. The book and workbook helps you to learn how to stay clear and grounded as much as possible.

So to start the journey, start by looking within to find your personal truth and understanding.

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