Kirkus Reviews: The Call of The Day

A manual offers advice on how to reach new levels of enlightenment and peace.

Hershey (Thoughts to Consider with Love, 1992) delivers an easy-to-read spiritual book about consciousness and the movement to a higher dimension through chakras, meditation, and other practices that lead to awareness. She begins by addressing readers who need basic definitions of terms related to the field of energy and vibrations. She explains dimensions and frequency, focusing on helping readers comprehend the bridge from the third to the fourth dimension. The author notes that readers will understand the shift into the fourth dimension when their perceptions of past, present, and future start to blend. The fourth dimension is marked by presence and timelessness, a feeling of lightness without worry, anger, trepidation, or other negative emotions generated by thoughts of the past or fears of the future. The guide also explains chakras, noting that the fourth one, the heart chakra, is a place where individuals will find a sense of home and truth. She examines the other chakras and their roles in the movement between dimensions. One of the most captivating features of the book is the concise lists Hershey provides to delve into such concepts as the ego versus the soul: "The ego needs purpose—the soul does not need purpose. The ego tends toward fixation—the soul is fluid." These comparisons are particularly useful for readers attempting to identify their own traps and patterns of thinking. Another intriguing topic is essence versus personality, which the author deftly illustrates through her narrative and descriptions. Employing personal stories and a strong, compelling voice, Hershey steers readers out of anxiety and into positive change. Overall, the manual is successful at taking complex subjects and making them accessible to readers.

A short, clear exploration of the dimensions of awareness and an encouraging guide for readers seeking spiritual development.

Midwest Book Review

Synopsis: Deftly written by Jodi Hershey and nicely illustrated by Laila Savolainen, “The Call of the Day” is a compelling invitation to see beyond the turbulence of our ego-driven lives and connect with who we really are; not our material outward looking self but the spiritual entity that dwells eternal in each of us. Hershey plots this journey with tremendous insight and experience, guiding us to a realm of true contentment and happiness. She explains succinctly what is happening in this unique time and why change is imperative. Through personal growth and a change in perspective, Hershey lets us discover how we can stand sincerely in our authentic truth, allowing us to create a peaceful world brimming with unconditional love. “The Call of the Day” will resonate with anyone thirsting for meaning and spirituality in their lives. “The Call of the Day” will help to uncover unique talents and realize the reader’s potential.

Critique: Exceptionally well written, impressively organized and presented, thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in tone, content and commentary, “The Call of the Day” is a potentially life-changing guide that is very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.

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