chakra 7 – Crown -Color- Violet


Benefits of Energy Chimes. They emit tones rich in harmonics for a deep relaxing, non- invasive sound massage. The incredible resonance helps to focus the mind in meditation and slows the brain waves perfect for energy clearing and chakra balancing realigning our physical and light bodies with the Universal Resonance.

Because the human ear is the organ of balance as well as hearing, it is connected by nerve pathways to every part of the body. Sound therefore has a balancing impact on our nervous systems.


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This Chakra Chime is tone B- in 440 Hz. It can be placed above the head ( as close as possible). It helps you to connect with your higher self.

I have added the corresponding aroma therapy oil that brings you into a deeper state of meditation and clearing. These oils are from India and have an incredible frequency.

Put a few drops of oil in your hands rub together and breathe in a few times also wave hands around the head aura.

All Organic!

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