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Intuitive Reading – This is an in depth reading using a specific numerology chart I have designed myself. It is the foundation of my reading that helps me intuitively see whats going on with you.  It helps us get a better understanding of your make-up and desires. Through this reading I can help guide you to discover what your spirit and soul want to experience and express in this life time.

This reading will also give you the sounds, colors,stones and aromatherapy oils to use that will help balance your mind, body and spirit. You will receive your personal reading by e mail or snail mail.




In our Sound-Color Harmony Room.

Science now proves that 85-90% of all disease is stress related. – This ‘wow’ mind and body experience provides the ultimate in stress management. The Crystal colored lights help balance your chakras and refreshes the aura energy field. The aromas that we use for your session will be selected just for you.

Our  Vogal Crystal light Bed  holds 7 Vogal cut crystals.  These crystals are aligned to the seven chakras or energy centers of the body. During a session, the client lies fully clothed, face up, on a massage table.  The Vogel cut crystals are suspended above the client from the Vogal Crystal light Bed. The Unit uses different frequencies of pulsating  colored light which are focused through the Vogel crystals. The Chakras will be properly aligned, cleansed and balanced.

Sound frequency healing is a process of sending frequency signals into the body and helping the tissues, organs and cells come into alignment with the vibration patterns of “health”.

The field of Vibroacoustic therapy combines musical vibrations with low frequency pulse tones in order to accomplish sound frequency healing through the promotion of symptom relief, stress relief and overall relaxation.

Vibro means “to vibrate” and Acoustic means “to hear” and Vibroacoustic therapy involves a process where music and sound are both heard audibly and felt physically.

The reason this type of sound frequency healing is effective is because it comes from an understanding of how disease and various physical ailments are a direct result of a disturbed cellular structure, where cells lose their ability to properly communicate with one another.

The most common cause of this cellular structure disturbance is stress. Since Vibroacoustic therapy relieves mental and emotional stress, this allows for physical healing, as the cells are relaxed and encouraged to vibrate once again at their healthy frequency.

Just as color, sound and stones have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils,which are extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, wood,seeds,roots and peel are used to promote a persons health and mood. Aromatherapy reduces tension, anxiety,  and stress. It is relaxing,calming and up lifting.




What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual Counseling works on the inner path, which in turn enables you to discover your

“deepest values and meanings by which to live.”

The aim is to align one’s inner spiritual life with their outer lives. It helps clear away mental,

emotional and physical clutter, so one can hear the messages of ones soul. It also helps one

discover their true purpose.

If you are looking to find answers about something that you are experiencing in

in your life or our looking to grow on your spiritual path and want a safe guide to bring you

along this would be a good choice for you.  Can be done by phone or in person.


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