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Energy Clearing

This treatment clears attached and unwanted energy that you want to be free of. Your energy field will then be balance and protected.

During this treatment, you will:

  1. Cut cords (with any energy that has attached to you that you don’t want.) This energy can be pulling you down so it is important to clear.
  2. Cleanse your Aura (by clearing negative and stuck energy).
  3. Tune up with the crystal light bed and healing music.

You will walk out feeling lighter, balanced and with a sense of wholeness within your self.  

I use tuning forks to cleanse the aura and any stuck energy. Crystals are used to cut cords before you lay under the crystal light bed with healing music to bring you into your center.  

Energy clearing of your home available for $100.00 (please call for more details)

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